Welcome to New South Wales Communities Legal Centres. We are a not-for-profit organisation that consistently push for the enforcement of human rights in all spheres of life. We provide accessible and equitable legal services to people living or working in the community around New South Wales.

We believe that the precursor to achieving an egalitarian society where everyone’s right is respected is by advocating for the things that matter now.

Our Services

Free Legal Advice

The implication of not easily accessing legal advice on a legal matter is, at best, delayed justice. And, at worst, no justice at all. This is not an occurrence that should be parading our Australia’s legal system in the 21st century.

Besides, where people are unable to get justice, or they get delayed justice, they begin to lose faith in the justice system. The implication of this is a resort to self-help. This, does not favour anyone, as it particularly does not promote peaceful coexistence in Australia or any part of it.

Senior Legal Advice

As much as elder abuse raises a major concern for everyone, the greater problem is that hardly do these abuses get reported. Worse still, these elderly people being abused may not have a feeling that they are being abused or may feel that they are at fault for the abuse. This abuse of elders is bad enough and, ideally, should not be seen to be happening. This is why we are stepping in with our Senior Legal Advice.

Children & Young People

Children, as well as young people, are humans, and they have human rights just as everyone else. For us at New South Wales Communities Legal Centres, we are concerned about the enforcement and respect of the rights of these set of people.


The environment has great parts to play in the life of everyone. It shapes the kind of person many people turn out to become in future. The angle of social justice in the environment make it very important if there is to be a creation of a community and people with equal access to justice. And, more importantly, the belief in the principle of social justice among the people.

Our local sponsors

Housing & Tenancy

We believe that housing is not just a fundamental human right; it is a precursor to achieving many basic things in life.

While housing is important and should be available to everyone, the tenancy is also equally important. This is because the right to tenancy is integral to housing security residents of New South Wales that are disadvantaged. This is why we at New South Wales Communities Legal Centres have taken it upon ourselves to see to housing security and protection of tenancy rights in New South Wales.


There are considerable differences in our biological orientation. These differences are what set some people apart. It is important to recognises that these differences are normal. In pushing for more acceptance of the LGBT+ community, we believe that gender identity and sexual orientation are integral to the dignity of every person. We also believe that these gender identification and sexual orientation should not be the basis upon which people are discriminated.

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