Dealing With The Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on almost everybody in Australia. It has affected lives, businesses and the economy. Its impact in every sphere of the country is still yet to fizzle down. 

Without a doubt, it has affected many of our services as an organization. For us, we have had difficult times in dealing with many of our clients. This comes as a backdrop of the lockdown measures imposed by the government. 

Despite this, we have constantly endeavoured to advocate for the enforcement of human rights of all people in Australia. This is because we believe that regardless of the prevailing circumstances, the human right should not be suspended. 

We also continue to offer free legal advice and services for those who need it despite the prevailing health conditions.

At the same time, we pride ourselves as an organization that respects the health protocol by the government. As a result of this, we continue to encourage our clients and the general public to abide by the safety protocols of the government. 

On this prevailing health conditions, we have made available some resources. These resources are to help our clients settle well with the new trend. And to permit us, as an organization, to continue to reach out and meet the needs of our clients every time. 

Some of the Covid-19 resources that we have in place include

Advocacy And Communication Information
On this, we have resources that cover dealing with the task of advocacy and communication during the time of this pandemic. Resources such as how to build plans for communications, and how to write good objectives are part of our advocacy and communication information.
Court Information
On this, we provide information on the progress of the case we are handling. Though this is done on an individual’s basis, we, however, still have segments for general information on courts. Some of the resources we have on court information cut across different updates, questions on administrative tribunals and many more. We also provide updates for parents and children who are seeking answers to different questions. More importantly, there is information on property, title, commission, courts and tribunals.
Employee Information
Though the virus has been ravaging many areas of human lives, people have still been finding ways to earn a living. This, however, does not mean that they should throw caution to the air with regards to the prevailing health issues. It is the recognition of this that has made us provide resources on how our staff, clients and the general public can maintain a healthy lifestyle despite engaging in employment. Our resources also involve information to the employer on creating an environment that encourages great integration of staff and people into the work area.
Financial Support
This prevailing health condition has caused so many limitations. And one of the limitations is on the availability and access to money. In the past few months, there has been a continued limitation on money. This is one of the reasons we have decided to put out information on financial support. This is important for people who might be passing through difficult times to get by each day.

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