Protecting The Environment

There is a belief that the environment has great parts to play in the life of everyone. As simple or sophisticated, this might be, it is true. For everyone, there is a huge role on the part of the environment. It shapes the kind of person many people turn out to become in future.

There is also an angle of social justice to the environment. This angle is very important if there is to be a creation of a community and people with equal access to justice. And, more importantly, the belief in the principle of social justice among the people.

It is due to this that we consistently encourage the protection of the communities’ environment. For us at New South Wales Communities Legal Centres, we believe that the protection of the environment has a vital role to play in achieving social justice. This, without doubt, is because a health and clean environment will greatly impact the quality of life and life itself.

The above is what inspires us in the provision of our services to the community as it relates to the environment. With this, we provide services that support the community in the following areas;

Consultation Before Project Approval

We engage in community consultation for the assessment & the approval of huge projects and major development. With this, we seek and ensure transparency, full disclosure and meaningful engagement.

Application of Best Practices

In our engagement, we ensure that we apply best practices in our engagements in the community. On this, we employ the best principle in different areas like science, ecological development, legislation and policy development. We also ensure that all decisions are properly scrutinised before they are made. This is to ensure that maximum protection is being given to the environment.

Biodiversity Protection

No one can deny the impact of protected biodiversity in the environment. We fully recognise this, and we take measures to protect land and natural resources and biodiversity.

Climate Change

All over the world, there has been a continued call against actions that continually put the environment at risk and cause unfavourable climate change. As a consequence of keying into such progressive call, we tailor our service to attend to climate change in the environment. With this, we encourage the adaptation and mitigation of climate change in policies across the country. We also encourage the development and assessment of projects that would help combat the negative effects of climate change. We believe that with all this, the communities and people around would be better prepared for integration into the changes of climate.

Rehabilitation And Remediation Support

It might not be possible to eradicate the possibility of environmental harm. While there is a lot underway to limit or avoid their occurrence, there is also response preparation. With this response preparation, there is a provision to rehabilitate and remediate people who are victims of environmental harm.

Environmental Advocacy

There is also the service that recognises the need for young people to advocate for environmental issues. This is in the interest of the public, and we recognise this as well. This is why we also make provisions for access to justice and encourage compliance with environmental laws in the country.

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