Housing & Tenancy

Housing & Tenancy

Housing is a fundamental part of human’s life. Its security is even more important in today’s Australia. The same credence given to housing is what, ideally, ought to be given to tenancy.

This is because as much as everyone is entitled to good housing, so is everyone entitled to undisturbed tenancy. In this light, we believe that housing is not just a fundamental human right; it is a precursor to achieving many basic things in life. Asides that it serve as a protection and shelter to everybody, it is also important for all to have as a means of security.

While housing is important and should be available to everyone, the tenancy is also equally important. This is because the right to tenancy is integral to housing security residents of New South Wales that are disadvantaged.

This is why we at New South Wales Communities Legal Centres have taken it upon ourselves to see to housing security and protection of tenancy rights in New South Wales.

In doing this, we place reliance on some internationals and local treaties that provide for the rights to housing and, by inference, reasonable tenancy. Some of the international treaties that we support include the Universal Declaration on Human Rights (Article 25) and the international convention on economic, social, and cultural rights (Article 11).

In supporting secured housing and tenancy rights, we provide services and advocate for many in different areas. Some of the things that we do for secured housing and tenancy rights include;

Legislative Advocacy For Housing

We continuously champion the call for legislative intervention in the areas of housing in New South Wales. We encourage the creation of legislative rights to housing is not just New South Wales, but across Australia.

Tenancy And Housing Due Process

We also champion the call for due process with regards to tenancy and tenancy and housing across New Zealand. Our goal is to be able to see that everyone follows due process regardless of their housing or tenancy form.


We recognise the limitation that exists in the areas of tenancy and housing. This is why we push for adequate financial and political support. This is to help assuage the burden of getting access to reasonable tenancy and housing across New South Wales.

Review Process

There is an adoption of a review process on the matters of tenancy and housing in New South Wales. This is important to ensure the smooth running of the tenancy and housing arrangement in the community.

Tenancy Rights

There is the utmost desire for every tenant to have rights in getting housing arrangement. This is why we support full & recognised rights for tenants that have a social housing arrangement.

Housing Standards

Underway, there is an advocacy for the government to regulate housing standards in New South Wales.  This regulation is important to help set minimum standards with regards to tenancy and housing in New South Wales.

Other areas that we are looking into include;

Accessible and affordable housing targets and the call that the housing bond’s interest should be diverted to tenancy rights advocacy.

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