Senior Legal Advice

Assisting The Elderly

As much as elder abuse raises a major concern for everyone, the greater problem is that hardly do these abuses get reported. This might not be undue to the fear that there might be some retaliation or that it would get family members involved. It might also be that they fear being institutionalised or be as a result of shame. Worse still, these elderly people being abused may not have a feeling that they are being abused or may feel that they are at fault for the abuse.

This elder abuse is bad enough and, ideally, should not be seen to be happening. This is why we are stepping in with our Senior Legal Advice.

The Senior Legal Advice is an initiative that focuses on the ordeal of the elderly around New South Wales. With this, we encourage victims or potential victims of elder abuse to make a report of their abuse or its imminence to us. We take this report and provide help for them on an individual basis.

Our target for the Senior Legal Advice is to people who are age sixty and above. For this set of people, we provide services of social work, information and legal assistance. The good thing is that all of these are free.

Specifically, you can seek our services for the following;

Legal Advice And Information

We provide legal advice for elderly people above the age of sixty in areas that they might be facing legal problems. Specifically, we help them pull out of their abusive relationship. We also provide information on alternative means to get out of their abusive relationship.

Service On Social Work

We provide services that help our elderly people pull through whatever challenges they may be facing. This is to assist them in their coping mechanism with basic changes in their environment.

Short-Term Counselling

There is also the provision of short-term counselling for elderly people. This is important to give the elderly assurance and show support for what they may be passing through.

Elder Advocacy

Our Elder advocacy covers championing the call for more reflection of the perspective of the elders in decision making. This is important to ensure that the elders have a sense of belonging in the community. And, particularly, feel that their opinions are being put into consideration.

We recognise that we may not be able to cover all areas of law. And may not be able to adequately attend to the individual needs of our elderly clients. That is why we have a referral policy. We do not leave the clients hanging on the basis that we do not have adequate resources to cater for their legal needs. After analysing our clients’ legal problems, we may refer them to other legal and support services. They may also be referred to as consumer and legal aid services. All these are to ensure that the end of justice is achieved in all situations.

In some circumstances, we represent our elderly clients before tribunals and courts.

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