Getting To Know Us

New South Wales Communities Legal Centre is an independent community organisation providing accessible and equitable legal services to people living or working in the community.

Our community legal centres are community-based and are often responsive to the demands of their community. The community, in this sense, is not limited to the textbook definition of the word.  For us, community expands to geographical, generalist or interest sense. The goal is to be able to provide tailored legal service for a community of interested people.

Due to the community relationship that we have, it comes easy to provide effective, appropriate and creative solutions to the needs of the people. This community relationship has been part of what makes us maintain our relevance to date.

Though we focus on the provision of legal service on an individual’s basis, we, however, do not limit it here. We take our effort to the level of the community. This way, we provide legal education to the community and can initiate development in the community. We also provide preventive projects on law reforms—this help to prevent knotty outcomes rather than attempt to cure after its occurrence.

The kinds of clients we accept are those facing injustice and whose cases are problematic and unprofitable. And whose cases are affecting their circumstances in life.

We have a crop of experts and volunteers that are passionate about getting justice for those who cannot afford the right legal service. We have collaborations with the legal aid, government, community partners and private legal firms and members. We do all these to ensure that we provide opportunities for our clients to obtain the best outcomes.

Generally, we provide legal services. This we do through various means. They include;

Legal education for the community.
Limited representation and legal advice
Referrals and advice
Reform activities for the legal system and law

Depending on the level and type of legal services, our centres differ in their operations. For some, what might be required is legal assistance, initial advice, a draft of a legal document, and sometimes guiding those who desire to represent themselves in court.

In some of our centres, we offer assistance with social work and might represent clients. However, the limited resources at our disposal gave room for strict guidelines before this is possible.

As an independent organisation, we are committed to various principles. The principles serve as guides to us every day. Our principles include;

Advocating for social and legal changes to inequalities and injustice in the system and the law
Encouraging the participation of the community in the management and work of CLC
Encouraging the understanding of Australian’s legal system amongst individuals and communities.
Making Australian’s legal system more accessible and equitable by encouraging the participation of the community
Providing accessible and free legal services

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