Free Legal Advice

Removing The Barrier To Justice
Hardly is there someone who does not need legal service in today’s Australia. People need legal services for many things. Some to settle their housing dispute, some for family and custody matters and some others for other knotty issues. This shows the importance of legal advice for almost everyone in Australia. The problem, however, is not in the importance of legal advice but the affordability and access. Generally, legal advice does not come easy; it has some, and sometimes huge, the underlying cost to the person seeking the advice. This makes it difficult for everyone to easily access it or not access it at all. The implication of not easily accessing legal advice on a legal matter is, at best-delayed justice. And, at worst, no justice at all. This is not an occurrence that should be parading our Australia’s legal system in the 21st century. Besides, where people are unable to get justice, or they get delayed justice, they begin to lose faith in the justice system. The implication of this is a resort to self-help. This, does not favour anyone, as it particularly does not promote peaceful coexistence in Australia or any part of it. In avoiding this, we, as an organisation, have decided to step in and fill the gap. The way we are stepping in is by offering legal advice without a charge. We believe that this would help in eradicating the widening gap of access to and affordability to justice.
Our Centre

We have more than thirty centres across New South Wales- both rural and metropolitan areas. These centres have been accredited as legal centres for communities around New South Wales.

The focus of these centres is to attend to the legal issues of the people living or working in the local communities. The centres operate on fulltime practice in all major areas of law.

These centres will provide a form of first stage consultation on legal matters to people living in the community. And they charge nothing for the legal service and advice that they provide.

Specialist Services

We recognise the dark areas of the law and the need to get tailored advice and services in those areas. That is why we have centres that offer a special service. Our people handling these centres are experts in their specific fields. Their area of specialisation cut across matters of employment, refugees, immigration and matters concerning senior citizens (aged).

At the centres, there are also arrangements for the provisions of tailored services to meet the needs of clients.

Volunteers And Staff

Our legal centres make provisions for access to legal advisers, qualified solicitors and many support staff. These support staff often help in distilling your legal obligations and rights. They also help guide you through the steps of solving your legal issues. In all, we provide a wide range of legal services to everyone in New South Wales. We believe that our provision of these services would help us bridge the gap that exists in equal access to justice.

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