Non-discrimination Against LGBT+

As humans, one thing is clear; we cannot all share the same outlook or be predisposed to the same thing. There will always be variations in our everyday lives. The same thing happens with our biological makeup. Even though we are all humans, there are considerable differences in our biological orientation. These differences are what set some people apart. Nonetheless, though their differences may not feel like what some people expect, it is important to recognise that these differences are normal.

The differences are manifested in many ways, and one of those ways is in sexual orientation and identity. Over the years, there has been constant experience with people who are identifying as gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, heterosexual, intersex and many other genders and biological identities.

The first thing we must all understand is that this feeling and identification is normal. And does not make the people in question lesser humans than others. More importantly, LGBT+ humans have basic human rights, just like many of us do.  And these rights must be respected, just like everyone other person pushes for the respect of their rights.

In pushing for more acceptance of the LGBT+ community, we place reliance on the principles of the Yogyakarta that touch on applying international human rights laws to issues concerning LGBT+ people and community. Following the dictates of the principle, we believe that gender identity and sexual orientation are integral to the dignity of every person. We also believe that these gender identification and sexual orientation should not be the basis upon which people are discriminated.

We New South Wales Communities Legal Centres support actions aimed at putting an end to the discrimination against the LGBT+ people. And to see that the violation of their rights in any means is halted.

Some of the things that we do include;

Criminal Sanctions Against Transphobic And Homophobic Violence

We support that there be a sanction against people who commit transphobic and homophobic violence. Particularly, we push for preventive measures to prevent this violence from happening.


Some of the areas we push for freedom in the area of work freedom. This is important to allow people to work without fearing transphobia or homophobia.

Equal Provision of Legal and Medical Services

What is needed is not just the provision of legal and medical services. It is the equal provision of the services. By this, it means that the LGBT+ people should have standard access to legal and medical services as other people.

LGBT+ Recognition

There is a constant effort to legally recognise genders order than the female and male conventional genders. This is because there are genders other than these who need recognition and should not be discriminated against based on their gender.

Aside from this, we also advocate for the LGBT+ community in the following ways;

We advocate that human rights and federal discrimination laws recognise and protect the transgender, queer people.

We advocate that there be service equality to LGBT+ people in every Institution.

We advocate for LGBT+ freedom from any form of discrimination.

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